Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tianguo & Jenny

Photographer - CF

I am suppose to be activated for some army mob manning today. But thanks to Tianguo & Jenny, i managed to get a deferment. :D

After a good break from the QingMing lull season, its the wedding season again. It feels kinda "werid" to start waking up early on weekends now. Haha. :p

Well, here's some of the selections from this morning before i head to their banquet for another round.

I got no idea whats in the drink, but i bet it sure taste awful. I can even smell it from where i am standing!

I would call this brother, bridezilla. haha. :p

The kid (Max) was holding the key. Tianguo got to bribe Max to hand over the keys using sweets. :p

Once Tianguo went in, he tried to head to the room direct, but was stopped by the sisters.

Next, we headed to the airport for a spin in the SLK.

That's all for the moment, got to run now.

ChuianFeng (


Anonymous April 26, 2009 at 4:12 PM  

hey cf!! you got my name spelt wrongly! is your cousin's name spelt as Jeanny instead? haha...the first pic of me looks so awful lah!! can remove? hur hur. but thanks for everything yesterday! my friends really love what they saw on the morning express video :)


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