Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keming & Yeesun

Photographer - CF

Keming and Yeesun are one of the few couples that engaged me even before we met up. They are based in the states and came back for their wedding. I only got to met Yeesun early in the morning at her house with Liren, our makeup artist.

They had a simple morning, followed by a luncheon.

Here's some randoms of the day itself.

The cufflinks are cute!

Yeesun gave me a packet of this fortune cookies. Yum yum... :D

Here's Keming arriving. We had a 30sec ang bao bargaining and the gatecrash is over.

Since its early, we headed for some outdoor shoot.

Bubbles! And lots of them!

The banquet manager asked me if the bubbles effects were good. And without waiting for my answer, he told me he will give me more bubbles at the 2nd march in. -_-"

Yeesun requested that i shoot their feet as they always like to shoot their own. I improvised alittle by asking them to kiss as well. :p

Somehow.. i like this classic photo.

Will blog more soon!

ChuianFeng (cf@1950photography.com)


yee sun April 20, 2009 at 9:30 AM  

Hey Chuian Feng, time went by so quickly, it has been more than a month since we met! We love the photos!! Dropped you an email too. :)

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