Monday, December 22, 2008

Yuk Kei and Seng Guan

Wedding Date: 4 Oct 2008
Photographers: Yong How and Darren

Yuk Kei and Seng Guan are one of our closest customers turned friends we have so far. We had actually covered their solumnisation to pre wedding to their AD over the past 1 over year.

Yuk Kei is a like very close friend to us and we often share thoughts and talk crap over MSN frequently. I think she probably knows more of what I'm doing in 1950 more than my own wife sometimes. Haha.

I've been looking forward to their wedding day as I believe it'll be one with lots of emotions, fun and love. I'm proven right when all their friends and relatives (many from abroad) were there even early in the morning to give their blessings. The grooms men and the bridesmaid were equally fun to be around too.

I'll always remind my couples to do their best to enjoy their wedding as much and to 'close an eye' if possible to things which may not go their way on the wedding day. Well, Yuk Kei did have to close an eye throughout her wedding as she has an infected eye in the morning. Rather unfortunate but kudos to her for bearing with it and still remain as cheerful as ever. Seng Guan on the other hand is one candid guy but beneath his candid nature lies a loving husband. There are many little gestures that he'll always do for Yuk Kei throughout the day that shows all that. I'm really happy that they've finally went through their customory wedding to move on to the next big stage of their lives as man and wife.

My heartfelt congrats to you, Yuk Kei and Seng Guan.

Here's the slideshow I've promised you though it came a little late. Hope both of you will like it. ;)

Yong How


yuqi December 24, 2008 at 10:36 AM  

Merry Xmas and Thank you YH, CF, Darren!!

It is really amazing...everything!

We know them for 1 yr+ now, 1950 company us thru our most impt days in life and helping us to capture all the precious moment, this year is sure a year full of super nice photo for us. Really appreaciate all the hard work and effort. Always share their opion on my wedding planning and also life (haha food!!-CF).

Thank you and have a great year ahead!!!

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