Thursday, December 4, 2008

Michelle and Vincent

Wedding Date: 23 Nov 08
Photographer: Yong How

Had a very nice and simple wedding shoot for Michelle and Vincent. It's very nice to see that both thier families are so close knitted. I always feel that a wedding need not be extremely lavish to be a good one...the people make all the difference.

Michelle's parents are one of most 'modern' thinking and have little concern about following the traditions to the tee. I even remember Michelle's dad even asking her if she had fun with her day when she returned home for tea ceremony.

Vincent's family were equally warm and though they live in a relatively small premise, everyone there were so close knitted to each other.

Very glad to be there to document their wedding.

Here are a few selections from their morning highlights.

He doesn't want to jump on the bed...

I've learnt to come to terms with other camera users who come in my way =p

A challenging weekend awaits us at 1950. We'll be replying emails slower but we'll reply somehow. :)

Yong How


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