Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unoffical Photographers

Referring to my good friend and fellow wedding photographer, Malek's blog post.

I guess with the advancement with digital imaging and the cameras being much more affordable these days, I'm starting to feel that it's getting tougher to do our job properly during wedding coverages with much more people crowding around trying to capture the same scene as me. This can really hinder my job as I may not be able to move as freely to get creative angles. Worst still is when another photographer comes in front of me when I'm about to nail a shot. To add on, some of them are still persistant even after they've been told to give way.

Although we had mentioned about this matter in our contract, we understand that it is not easy to enforce it on the day itself. Also on my part, I would still try to compromise by getting out the way when I'm done with the scene, it is still not great to know that I have to do that for the rest of the day. Just hope that fellow photographers can understand and give us, the offical photographers some space to do our job well. You can save your camera batteries and memory for shots at corners where I might not be around at that point of time. :)

Yong How


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