Monday, October 27, 2008

Lionel & Angela

We had a very very "rock" bride few weeks back. Instead of the usual wedding high heels, she wore boots. Lionel is also a very timely groom whom didnt give a hoot about the gate crash. His brothers settle it all for him. Where can you find such "lovely" brothers? :)

But, i think they got abit too excited and the door key was snapped into half during the gate crash! Heeh... We almost couldn't open the door. Somehow, they managed to open it without tearing the door down. :p

Here's some random pics for the day event.

The sisters were discussing what to do to the brothers over breakfast

Lionel just relax behind during the gatecrash. :p

First round of rampage during the gatecrash...

and the key snapped!

After the gate is open, here's the second round of rampage.

The wonders of technology! Lionel sister was overseas and she can see the tea ceremony LIVE via webcam. :)

A happy father. :)

This is always the time where the groom will have headache on which pin to remove for the veil.

A happy moment when the morning activities are being shown again on one of the sister's mobile phone. :)

Erm... -_-"

The sister behind seem to know that the bouquet will surely go to her even before Shirley threw the flowers.

Well, she got it!

ChuianFeng (


Angela October 27, 2008 at 4:59 PM  

Interestingly, I loved all the shots of my sisters! Especially the 3rd last picture *thumbs up*. You really captured the "essence" of this sister very well. Well done! Looking forward to the rest.

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