Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aging portfolio

Phew! The long awaited lunar 7th month is here. It's going to be a month for lots of admin, updating work and catching up on backlogs.

Just noticed that our website's images are pretty dated (> 1 year old). It's good to hear from friends about the improvements they've seen when they compare the website portfolio to those on this blog. It's a pity that we've been very tied up over the months and had not really sat down to think about updating the website.

We'll be using this month to update our website's gallery to show our more recent works. For now, we have to dig through all the weddings we've shot over the past months for the images.

Stay tuned alright. :)

Yong How


About Us

1950 Photography seeks to capture your wedding day in the least obstrusive manner so that the images will show the genuine love, fun and emotions of your big day.

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