Monday, March 1, 2010

Andy and Linda Wedding

Photography - ChuianFeng

*blows off the dust*

I'm so sorry that this little space of ours have been neglected.

I did not meet Andy till the wedding day itself. Was kind of anticipating what kind of guy Andy would be. Well, turns out Andy & Linda's big day is a total blast to shoot. :)

This is a huge post with many photos. So do hit on the refresh button if some photos did not load.

Here's a small glimpse of what happened on that day.
Andy's worst fear.. worms!

Linda exclaimed she must step on Andy's feet when he came in. Haha. :p

Various expressions of the brothers after eating the "wonderful" breakfast.

Andy tried to barge into the house.

Look at Andy face after he was forced to put his hand into the container...

Andy celebrated after he got into Linda's room...

But the celebration was short lived as Linda tried to step on his feet.

Totally pwned expression! haha. :p

I always love little moments like these. :)

Andy heaved a sigh of relief after the solominzation was over.

Sharing a wonderful moment with his mum after the ROM speech.

Their march in was spectacular as well, with all the bros and sis dancing along the aisle as they march in.

Feels like a star entrance eh...

This is the end result of the first march in...

The 2nd march in is unique as they decided to cycle in to the tune of the song "甜蜜蜜"

P.S. Will try to update more!

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