Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ah xing and Yanqing

Photographer - ChuianFeng

Yanqing is a sec sch friend of myself and Darren. Having known her for more than a decade, her wedding is an occassion that we been looking forward to.

After dating with Ah xing for nearly a decade, they finally tie the knot.

We had an enjoyable time at her wedding. I'll let the photos do the talking. :)

Known for her wackiness, her laughter is always very contagious.

Coffee with egg is sure to wake you up in the morning...

And it doesnt help when u are drinking it with a straw..... with holes poke all over.

I think Ah xing's eyes nearly pop out after taking a bite of the wasabi rice thing.

He just simply cant rem the number of job change Yanqing hopped until now.

We went to Temasek Poly for some shots! Its the place where they got to know each other. :)

Ang baos should be in my pocket instead. :p

See them small small, now finally grow up get married. :)

ChuianFeng (


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