Sunday, January 25, 2009


I guess it's the heaven's calling for me to stop work when my work computer decided to stop working yesterday just when I'm about to continue some post production. That means the first thing when I resume work next week will be to try fix it up and continue with more post production.

With the work computer down, it also means I am able to spend a little more time today helping out in cleaning up the house and spending more time with family.

I've also tried to spring clean my laptop's hard drive a little and found that there are lots of pictures taken during family events and some random shots which were pretty much forgotten. It's a pity that we didn't print them out as I am pretty lazy to pick them out and send them for print. At the same time, I saw my dad trying very hard to use his pretty old camera phone to take some pics of Ray and failing to get good shots. I've always been wanting to get my dad (and myself) a good compact camera and what I saw today just tell me that today is the day. So an hour before renuion dinner, I rushed out to get a compact cam, a Panasonic LX3. There, I decided to just get a Canon Sylphy photo printer too so that it's easy for anyone at home to print the images (though not of the highest quality) before we procrastinate further. It costs quite a bit but I'm sure it's worthwhile.

It feels good to put some balance into life and I really would like to continue to upkeep this for the rest of the time. Maybe that's my new year resolution this year.

With the clock hitting 12 midnight now, I'll like to wish everyone here a great year and most importantly, good health! Also, thanks alot for reading thru this post too. :)

Warmest Regards
Yong How


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