Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy busy...

My crazy agenda for the weekend...

5 more albums and 3 sets of JPG DVD to deliver, 2 more couples to meet, 1 more wedding to complete the post production. Spring cleaning not done, new year clothes not purchased, car needs a serious bath. -_-"

Sorry that we have to dissapoint some of our couples for being unable to have certain things done in a shorter time than usual. We've worked our heads off over the past days to try to fulfil as many request as we can so that you can have the images/albums to show your loved ones over the holiday.

Can we postpone CNY for a week? Haha.

Heading out for a quick 1hr shopping spree for a set of new clothes. Will post more images when things cool down a little ok. :)

Yong How


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