Thursday, September 17, 2009

Isaiah and Matilda Pre-Wedding Part 2

Photographer - ChuianFeng

After going thru Perth with us, Isaiah and Matilda decided to engage me again for their casual fun shots in Singapore. This time, we did it at Matilda's school!

Matilda: Eh, CF... So how are the shoots going to be like?
CF (Me): Erm... Maybe some fun shots? Waterbombs?
Matilda: Wa, really ah? Onz ah!
CF (Me): Ah....

What happens next is the 2hrs photoshoot. We had a classroom shoot with Isaiah playing the guitar and singing before the whole class.

Next, we had some fun in the field with bubbles and ballons!

Followed by waterbombs fight!

P.S. If you guys are keen in perth pre-wedding, email me (! There's some really good deal tickets up for grabs! :)

ChuianFeng (


matz September 17, 2009 at 3:46 PM  

Hey CF :)


It was awesome fun doing the photoshoot! I remember sharing about how anxious we were feeling... thank you for making us feel so comfortable and at ease during the shoot :)

... and also thank you for the water bombs being thrown on us ah! :P Next time it will be you!

With such amazing photos, I'm sure the memories of the session will last a lifetime :)

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