Friday, July 17, 2009

Eric & Samantha

Photographer - CF

So sorry for the lack of updates on my side. My reservist took away quite abit of my time. Finally i am getting back on track for the weddings backlog. :)

Eh, i am not going to say much this time, but will let the photos do the talking. My mind is quite blank now due to waking up early today to send my wife to work.

Here's some randoms from their wedding.

Bunch of happy sisters preparing "breakfast".

I think Sam looks very pretty here!

Looks like the breakfast isnt very appealing to the brothers. :p

The sisters were shouting that the angbao is not enough again...

Think Eric got "sian" about the bargaining and wanted to walk away...

I always love happy faces during ROM.

If you do not want to drink the horrible sabo drink, u can always pass it to the guest around. :D

This is what happens when u drink the sabo drink. So.. must pass around to other ppl ok? :p

Now everyone peeps into their drink before drinking it. haha... :p

Hope you guys like the photos!

Have a great weekend ahead.

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